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 Welcome to The Dugout. This website is home to mods myself and a few friends have been involved in making.

For those of you who don't know I have for the last three years been involved in the making of an American Civil War game called Gettysburg: Scourge of War. It has now been released and you can download the demo here -

I have recently made a WW1 mod for Battlefield Academy - a great WW2 game by Slitherine. Click on the Mad Minute logo for the American Civil War mods and the Close Combat logo for the CC WW1 mods and the Battlefield Academy logo for the BA WW1 mod.

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I recently started painting wargames figures again after a long time (about 20 years!). They are WW1 figures of course. Only a few done so far as I paint them to relax between 3d computer modelling. If you are interested you can see photos of them here:- Wargames





The site is dedicated to my Great Grandfather (Sapper William Catherall, 480149, 457th Company, Royal Engineers, 62nd West Riding Division, 1915 -1919) and all those who served on all sides in the Great War


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